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At Laura Loftin Dentistry, we would be happy to discuss teeth whitening options with you. A variety of professional and over-the-counter whitening solutions exist, and the best option for you depends on your goals regarding level of whitening, time frame, tooth sensitivity, and budget.

What type of Fort Worth tooth whitening options are available?

Our Fort Worth dental office offers both in-office and at-home tooth whitening treatments. You will also find several drug store teeth whitening options available today. If you’re wondering which option would be a good fit for you, we discuss the pros and cons of common tooth whitening treatments below.


Your Teeth Whitening Options


When should you start whitening your teeth?

The most important time to whiten and brighten your teeth is before you’re going to have a procedure to fix your front teeth. We typically recommend porcelain veneers or dental implants for broken or cracked front teeth and will match the color of the veneers or implants to other teeth in the mouth. You can’t change the color of a veneer or dental implant once the dentist adheres or places it, without replacing the veneer or implants completely.

We always discuss teeth whitening with patients prior to replacing or repairing a tooth. Many patients are unfamiliar with all of the tooth whitening options available to them, and some don’t realize that once a veneer is placed the color of the veneer is permanent.

Another good reason to start whitening your teeth is if you feel the color of your teeth is aging you beyond your years. Without regular whitening treatments, most people notice that their teeth become more discolored over time, even if they undergo regular teeth cleaning procedures.

Fort Worth tooth whitening can also make sense for patients who get stains on their teeth because they drink a lot of coffee or are big fans of red wine. Some people assume those dark stains in the crevices of their teeth are cavities when it may be possible to remove stains with professional teeth whitening—no drill required!

If tooth discoloration or stains are a concern for you, Dr. Loftin will assess the condition of your teeth and explain what steps you can take to achieve a beautiful smile, while keeping your teeth healthy. Along with teeth whitening options, she can also answer any questions you have about teeth health, cleaning technology, straightening, sedation dentistry, costs and other treatments available to you in cosmetic dentistry Fort Worth.

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As a teeth whitening Fort Worth patient, you can rely on Dr. Loftin, dentist Fort Worth, to listen to your concerns, help you weigh all of your options, and make your comfort a top priority—before, during, and after your treatment. When you meet, she can also answer FAQs you may have about general dentistry and oral health, sugar sensitivity, general care for tooth root, enamel and gums, fillings, bonding, crowns, dental implants, porcelain veneers, sedation dentistry, and more.

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