Clear Teeth Aligners:
Reveal® and Invisalign®
Fort Worth TX

If you’re interested in clear aligners to straighten your teeth and searching for an Invisalign dentist Fort Worth, Dr. Laura Loftin—a licensed six-month smile dentist—is here to help. During a visit to our Fort Worth dental office, Dr. Loftin can help you weigh your teeth straightening options, including Reveal® aligners by Henry Schein OrthodonticsTM and Invisalign,® Fort Worth TX.

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Clear Aligners
Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ll give you straight advice about clear aligners like Reveal and Invisalign Fort Worth Texas

Clear aligners offer many benefits over traditional metal braces. Theyre clear, which makes your smile more attractive, and you can take them out to eat, so you dont have to give up sticky foods and treats like popcorn that tend to get stuck in the metal variety. Even better, invisible braces can work a lot faster than traditional braces do.

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Take your smile to the next level with clear aligners.

If you want to find out if you’re a good candidate for Reveal or Invisalign clear aligners, Dr. Loftin would love to meet with you to discuss your options. To start the process, contact our office at (817) 429-4444.